Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Word Post

Holidays are busy time of year and I wish I could say I have gotten sooo much done, but really I have been sleeping during my time off from work. I did however get together with my Sister -BunnBott (BunBot) not really sure anymore how she is writing it, anyways We are working on making old materials into hot pads.  I would like to have some finished and posted before Christmas this year but we shall see. I feel like I am letting everyone down when I don't post new items in my shop and I am sorry. I do have Items I just really suck at taking photos :(  I am hoping with my sister's help I will have a more updated shop in the coming year. I am also looking in to Stonevy and Artfire as places to sell Our wares. I will still do conventions here and there as a come see and feel the quality of Our products.

 I was asked to sew a Professional Costume for a Retail Customer's Daughter and I am still up in the Air about it. I haven't done anything like this before for Customers and I worry about my skill level sometimes. I then also think back to the time I was thinking of applying at  Tailor Shops and think its not far off from what I would be doing, but I am still nervous to accept. I think I will ask my Sisters who sew and see what they think. My oldest Sister sews a lots of costumes and dresses so I think if I needed it she would help me out, but again its really just nerves at this point.

Another thing I want to start doing is making toys and beds for Animal Shelters, I also want to sell toys were I donate a portion of the sales to them or buy food, litter that they need. I am not sure how to do this but I will work on finding out. I have donated to a Silent Auction for an Animal Shelter in another state for a Fellow Etsy seller but that was years ago.

I have so many Ideas swimming in my head about gifts, projects, new items to sell in shop, new product lines, all that good stuff. I wish there was a way to organize all my ideas and remember where I put them. I write in note books and pieces of papers that I carry around for months until my cats eat the papers or my husband throws them away thinking they are trash, and worst of all is when I spill coffee, tea on the papers and can no longer read what I wrote/drew.

Holiday Wreaths have been sidelined until further notice. I am Sorry if you were looking forward to these. Hopefully I will have them up by June/July of Next year. I really need to be better about my time management.