Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What in the World

Okay I know it has been a "hot minute" but so much has happened!
 I am adding pictures for fun, nothing relevant to anything. So the run down of what has been happening, Told myself I would slowly but surely put new items in shop... que in my 2nd job losing two bakers to other jobs and 3rd baker out for almost 2 weeks sick as a dog. I am taking on more work then I had in the past and was going to train in extra fields of work. Can't been too busy which is great but also draining. STILL WORKING ON DINOSAURS :,0 ... Have a head cold or congestion not sure feels like I am underwater all the time. trying to get a much rest as possible, I now have half my hearing back so doing better. I guess a lot of people have this right now. Might be due to the longer winter out here or colder , we keep getting cold fronts and no one is ready for that stuff man we
 live in a hot dry climate and this cold wet is killing us. I can't wait to be over this. Its makes doing anything take twice as long and i am losing my mind trying to keep up with things. I haven't done dishes in a month and I can't even think what else I am forgetting at this point. Glad I remember to feed and water the cats at this point. I almost forgot to eat for like 3 days one week. :,o  Can not wait for this to be over with. Hopefully next post will be fun and exciting news.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


OMG FOR REALS!!! I have been working on new things for the shop! I Made a Throw that will go up once I photograph and take measurements of it, I will also be adding Baby Blankets with Snugly toy once I redo my blanket pattern ... opps haha where do you think the throw came from :P

Working on Large Unicorn, OH MY his seems kept busting on me :D sooo FAT!

 Hoping to have Cat Toys up in shop soon, want to do a % to animal shelters in the area but I need to figure out how it all works before I can officially say that is what I am doing.

Tried out a new yarn I found at Joann's "Big Twist".... not really happy with how it turned out and really the overall feel of it. Cheap yarn is cheap for a reason. Don't be fooled by it ;(  I was hoping it would work up nicely but it feels worse and it was literally leaving chucks of  worn off yarn from the wash and dry. I didn't do anything I don't do with all my other yarns so this really put me out! I made this as a gift , something that you want to be nice and comfy not something you go hay I guess you could use it on your floor it might hold up for awhile. UGH! so much wasted time on this, the only upside was that it was cheap to buy. end rant!

SOOOOOO I found this Super awesome Fabric at a local Quilt shop and I have a MIGHTY NEED to get it! what I am going to make with it I have no clue... Tote Bag, Apron, Oven mitts, who knows! I am sure once I pick up a yard or two I will let you know :D

Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentines Day?

I will be putting up shortly V-day items, you may remember them from previous years I can't really remember the last time I made/ posted them but they are BACK!!

I will leave you with some old Photos :D hopefully I will have new photos to put in shop before the week is up but we shall see. I will for sure post them for sale before end of week for you to purchase before the big day!

Heart Keychain


I don't know if I will have Custom order ones due to the back log of commissions I have right now but keep an Eye out in the shop! I am hoping to have better pictures of the colors due to lighting and background on these its hard to see the different shades of reds and pinks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


OKAY  I know I haven't been up to date. I was Busy .... really I was :D  Working as a Baker means that Holiday time is busy time. I worked somewhere around 6 days a week with about 10+ hours depending on orders that day. I love it but Dear Me  do you sleep like the dead once it's over.
  We Made a GingerBread Bread :D and added a little flair to our muffins as well as made our Mini loafs in holiday ceramics.  Sorry I didn't take more pictures, but to be fair we were super busy.

I have my New Years Resolutions to GET MORE THINGS IN THE SHOP!!
I am talking Unicorns, Owls, Baby Friendly Items, and much much more. We are going to be adding a Pre-made section for Quilting items Patches and other such Odds and Ends. This is the Year I get all my Ducks in a Row! 
I am still debating on adding a Section for patterns I love, you know the ones you Buy and the Sellers are Nice Enough to say Yes you can sell Items made from them just NO Resale of Patterns and make sure to Give Credit. :D I love them so but I don't know if I want to do that for the online shop, or just for conventions ( its nice to have a no brainier item that is fun and easy  to make!) I LOVE the People I buy my Patterns from and will always want to give credit to them! I tried  my hand at making readable patterns and lets just say I got a LOT of questions from my testers :( it was bad  like the worst .... oh man ....  

With that Knowledge I will leave you to work on a Birthday Gift I was commissioned to make after a Heated Game of White Elephant at my Works Christmas Party! LOL !! 
P.S. If I can remember I will take Pictures of the finished product , I am sure you will enjoy them ;)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Word Post

Holidays are busy time of year and I wish I could say I have gotten sooo much done, but really I have been sleeping during my time off from work. I did however get together with my Sister -BunnBott (BunBot) not really sure anymore how she is writing it, anyways We are working on making old materials into hot pads.  I would like to have some finished and posted before Christmas this year but we shall see. I feel like I am letting everyone down when I don't post new items in my shop and I am sorry. I do have Items I just really suck at taking photos :(  I am hoping with my sister's help I will have a more updated shop in the coming year. I am also looking in to Stonevy and Artfire as places to sell Our wares. I will still do conventions here and there as a come see and feel the quality of Our products.

 I was asked to sew a Professional Costume for a Retail Customer's Daughter and I am still up in the Air about it. I haven't done anything like this before for Customers and I worry about my skill level sometimes. I then also think back to the time I was thinking of applying at  Tailor Shops and think its not far off from what I would be doing, but I am still nervous to accept. I think I will ask my Sisters who sew and see what they think. My oldest Sister sews a lots of costumes and dresses so I think if I needed it she would help me out, but again its really just nerves at this point.

Another thing I want to start doing is making toys and beds for Animal Shelters, I also want to sell toys were I donate a portion of the sales to them or buy food, litter that they need. I am not sure how to do this but I will work on finding out. I have donated to a Silent Auction for an Animal Shelter in another state for a Fellow Etsy seller but that was years ago.

I have so many Ideas swimming in my head about gifts, projects, new items to sell in shop, new product lines, all that good stuff. I wish there was a way to organize all my ideas and remember where I put them. I write in note books and pieces of papers that I carry around for months until my cats eat the papers or my husband throws them away thinking they are trash, and worst of all is when I spill coffee, tea on the papers and can no longer read what I wrote/drew.

Holiday Wreaths have been sidelined until further notice. I am Sorry if you were looking forward to these. Hopefully I will have them up by June/July of Next year. I really need to be better about my time management.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Where have I gone?

I have been Busy with work 

Gifts for Family members

Custom orders for shops

And Custom Orders for One of my  Regular Customers 

I don't really go around telling people but I am a Baker by Night, A Computer Helper by day and a Crafter in-between all of that. I just Finished a first time sweater for myself :D I will post pictures but in the end I might end up giving it as a gift to someone else.. Who knows, I really hope I can get on track and actually post  my Items for sale this year/next. I had a lot of hopes and dreams to have great gifts ready for the holidays for purchase but it seems like I am falling short and I am sooo Sorry about this. I also have a convention coming up in May that I will need to make items for *deep breath* I can do this!!  I do have Items in stock just not posted, if you are wondering about anything you have seen in my shop drop me a line. I also do custom orders if you want a quote on a throw and pillow set let me know! I am normally quick to respond to e-mail and messages so don't be afraid to reach out if you are curious about anything. 
Untill Next Time, Have a Wonderful Day :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stash Buster

Picked up a bunch of Yarn over time and now I am busy working on ways to make it into things. This and another set of yarn will be shawls, I am still working on plans for some of the other yarn bundles I have.  I am hoping that everything I make will be approved by Me and I will sell it in my shop ... but I am very picky ... :-/

p.s. I literally have yarn everywhere in my house ..... *sigh*