Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What in the World

Okay I know it has been a "hot minute" but so much has happened!
 I am adding pictures for fun, nothing relevant to anything. So the run down of what has been happening, Told myself I would slowly but surely put new items in shop... que in my 2nd job losing two bakers to other jobs and 3rd baker out for almost 2 weeks sick as a dog. I am taking on more work then I had in the past and was going to train in extra fields of work. Can't been too busy which is great but also draining. STILL WORKING ON DINOSAURS :,0 ... Have a head cold or congestion not sure feels like I am underwater all the time. trying to get a much rest as possible, I now have half my hearing back so doing better. I guess a lot of people have this right now. Might be due to the longer winter out here or colder , we keep getting cold fronts and no one is ready for that stuff man we
 live in a hot dry climate and this cold wet is killing us. I can't wait to be over this. Its makes doing anything take twice as long and i am losing my mind trying to keep up with things. I haven't done dishes in a month and I can't even think what else I am forgetting at this point. Glad I remember to feed and water the cats at this point. I almost forgot to eat for like 3 days one week. :,o  Can not wait for this to be over with. Hopefully next post will be fun and exciting news.

Stay tuned!