Monday, October 12, 2015

Where have I gone?

I have been Busy with work 

Gifts for Family members

Custom orders for shops

And Custom Orders for One of my  Regular Customers 

I don't really go around telling people but I am a Baker by Night, A Computer Helper by day and a Crafter in-between all of that. I just Finished a first time sweater for myself :D I will post pictures but in the end I might end up giving it as a gift to someone else.. Who knows, I really hope I can get on track and actually post  my Items for sale this year/next. I had a lot of hopes and dreams to have great gifts ready for the holidays for purchase but it seems like I am falling short and I am sooo Sorry about this. I also have a convention coming up in May that I will need to make items for *deep breath* I can do this!!  I do have Items in stock just not posted, if you are wondering about anything you have seen in my shop drop me a line. I also do custom orders if you want a quote on a throw and pillow set let me know! I am normally quick to respond to e-mail and messages so don't be afraid to reach out if you are curious about anything. 
Untill Next Time, Have a Wonderful Day :D

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