Tuesday, January 12, 2016


OKAY  I know I haven't been up to date. I was Busy .... really I was :D  Working as a Baker means that Holiday time is busy time. I worked somewhere around 6 days a week with about 10+ hours depending on orders that day. I love it but Dear Me  do you sleep like the dead once it's over.
  We Made a GingerBread Bread :D and added a little flair to our muffins as well as made our Mini loafs in holiday ceramics.  Sorry I didn't take more pictures, but to be fair we were super busy.

I have my New Years Resolutions to GET MORE THINGS IN THE SHOP!!
I am talking Unicorns, Owls, Baby Friendly Items, and much much more. We are going to be adding a Pre-made section for Quilting items Patches and other such Odds and Ends. This is the Year I get all my Ducks in a Row! 
I am still debating on adding a Section for patterns I love, you know the ones you Buy and the Sellers are Nice Enough to say Yes you can sell Items made from them just NO Resale of Patterns and make sure to Give Credit. :D I love them so but I don't know if I want to do that for the online shop, or just for conventions ( its nice to have a no brainier item that is fun and easy  to make!) I LOVE the People I buy my Patterns from and will always want to give credit to them! I tried  my hand at making readable patterns and lets just say I got a LOT of questions from my testers :( it was bad  like the worst .... oh man ....  

With that Knowledge I will leave you to work on a Birthday Gift I was commissioned to make after a Heated Game of White Elephant at my Works Christmas Party! LOL !! 
P.S. If I can remember I will take Pictures of the finished product , I am sure you will enjoy them ;)

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