Tuesday, February 16, 2016


OMG FOR REALS!!! I have been working on new things for the shop! I Made a Throw that will go up once I photograph and take measurements of it, I will also be adding Baby Blankets with Snugly toy once I redo my blanket pattern ... opps haha where do you think the throw came from :P

Working on Large Unicorn, OH MY his seems kept busting on me :D sooo FAT!

 Hoping to have Cat Toys up in shop soon, want to do a % to animal shelters in the area but I need to figure out how it all works before I can officially say that is what I am doing.

Tried out a new yarn I found at Joann's "Big Twist".... not really happy with how it turned out and really the overall feel of it. Cheap yarn is cheap for a reason. Don't be fooled by it ;(  I was hoping it would work up nicely but it feels worse and it was literally leaving chucks of  worn off yarn from the wash and dry. I didn't do anything I don't do with all my other yarns so this really put me out! I made this as a gift , something that you want to be nice and comfy not something you go hay I guess you could use it on your floor it might hold up for awhile. UGH! so much wasted time on this, the only upside was that it was cheap to buy. end rant!

SOOOOOO I found this Super awesome Fabric at a local Quilt shop and I have a MIGHTY NEED to get it! what I am going to make with it I have no clue... Tote Bag, Apron, Oven mitts, who knows! I am sure once I pick up a yard or two I will let you know :D

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